Monday, April 23, 2007

Leveraging powerful frameworks

I really feel that I need to give more back to the open source world.. after all I am benefiting so massively from a number of open source frameworks. In my new role, (6 working days in), I am required to set up a web platform which is extensible, efficient, reliable and usable, and using Apache, Cocoon, Dojo and the Hippo CMS I am able to do just that. The job is not over yet, but I am confident that my new company will be very happy with the end product. Thanks to the guys at Apache, Cocoon.Apache, Dojo and Hippo.

So how to give back, I suppose I just need to get more involved in the communities! Provide feedback, ensure any problems are reported, and help to get more exposure for the different projects.

I will be sure to post more on the results of working with these frameworks in the coming weeks.

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Arje said...

A couple of beers would be nice :)