Saturday, October 07, 2006

LDAP domination of the world, (with a little help from SyncML)

So it seems LDAP is everywhere helping me out at the moment.. this time with the holy grail of centralised contacts and calendaring, pushing to my phone over the internet!!!

So here is the deal.. you have a phone, and you have contacts in Outlook, and in Thunderbird, on many different machines... how to sync them..without plugging wires in every time?

The answer, Funambol Open Source... basically its LDAP, pushing to any device with no tweaking.. and through SyncML which all modern phones have... we can sync over the internet.

Some links to get you started.. Funambol Portal, and Schedule World.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Cocoon GetTogether 2006

Wow.. on top of a project launch at work, preparing for the GetTogether was really tough.. luckily I had Jeremy as my talk partner, and to be fair he did most of the work!

The whole thing was a fantastic experience, Arje organised everything, great Ribs at the dinner, a a busy exciting schedule , it was my 3rd GetTogether, and my first time talking at a conference ever. So there were some nerves, and a couple of little glitches with the presentation, but Jeremy and I managed to talk clearly and fairly concisely on every one of our slides, and the whole thing went down quite well. A few people approached Jeremy and myself afterwards expressing interest in what we had done with LDAP.

As I promised in my previous post, here are the slides, along with those of all the other talks, GetTogether 2006. Here is the evidence.. Jeremy and I talking!