Monday, April 09, 2007

Dedicated Server with Gentoo, Apache and Webdav

Yep, still loving having my own dedicated server... and this time, I'm going to jabber about the virtues of Gentoo, Apache and Webdav.

I wanted to provide a place where my dad can store and backup his documents, so originally I considered SFTP.. not so easy, I then needed to educate on the nuances of file transfer with some special client application... Webdav steps in here as an easier alternative, drag and drop from a native windows interface.. Windows' own File Explorer.

On Gentoo.. which has arguably the best package management system, 'Portage', setting up Apache with Webdav was easy, very easy, there are plenty of howto's all available with a quick Google search.

So thats use number one for a dedicated server... use number two would have to be my subversion setup with Apache.. no more excuses, I should not be able to lose valuable work anymore.

I also get to make my code and libraries, and for that matter reference works available to me wherever I go if the internet is available. Handy!

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