Friday, September 29, 2006

LDAP full circle, and an excellent opportunity to talk at the GetTogether

Ha, excellent, my view has flipped completely over the last 4 months or so regarding LDAP. I started off sceptical, and maybe a little bewildered as to why it is a viable alternative to relational DB's back in June. Then talked to Jeremy Quinn, and started to see the possibilities, and more recently, in the last month, I have in fact started to champion LDAP in the workplace !!!

Now finally things have gone full circle, and I have the fantastic opportunity to speak on Cocoon and LDAP integration at the Cocoon GetTogether. I am lucky enough to have the benefit of collaborating with Jeremy on this talk, and have learned a lot from him. I will not spoil the details of the talk.. a sketch is available at After the talk, we will ensure all slides are available.

At VNU, we are just about to launch a new website for France, part of which integrates with a massive LDAP instance, holding 23 gig of data just for the UK. This was an excellent learning process, and sparked the idea of the Cocoon talk, to try to help out by providing simple, clear documentation for others who might like to do something similar.

Anyhow, watch this space for more info!

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