Monday, April 04, 2011

Business Startup

So, it is out there in the wild now. I am no longer a full time permanent employee. A colleague and I have started a company and are going to write software and consult. Exciting times.

We will be employing Scala, Akka, iOS and Android, so plenty of bases are covered.

There are all sorts of reasons for us choosing to do this now, including:

- being our own bosses
- pursuing a shared set of philosophies
- prospects for exciting and varied projects
- making some money !

We have had to wear so many hats and pull so many threads in to make it all work, but it has been fun so far. Today we signed our first contract. We can't wait to get to work with our new model.

It is early days yet, (content and styling are placeholders only) but our site is up. Improvements and material to come. We will link in our company twitter details and blog when they are ready.

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