Friday, March 05, 2010

Scala Revisited

Some considerable time has passed since I last blogged. In part, this is because of just how busy I have been working on excellent projects at work, and in part because I must confess to tweeting these days.

There is still definitely a place for blogging if you want to say a little more though so here goes.

In short, using Scala for real in the work place has worked out better than I could ever have imagined. Not only is it a joy to work with in hobby coding world, but it is a real world powerhouse problem solver. After a successful proof of concept project, and a prototype converted project, the company have now agreed to adopt Scala for all server side development. Furthermore, because of the powerful capabilities of the language, our rules systems will probably end up being written in Scala.

This has enabled us to drop the never quite delivering on the promises .NET platform. Too many times we came up against brick walls, or found partially or incorrectly implemented specs. We now have the brilliant position of being able to use the powerful and varied open source projects in the JVM ecosystem.

Scala is a joy to use. This joy has persisted for me from when I first tinkered with it just over two years ago to the present day.

Long may it continue.

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