Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ayee, its time for the Cocoon Get Together 2007 and I cannot go!

Tis a terrible shame but I am missing the Cocoon Get Together this year as I have a massive project deadline. Double shame because it is in Rome. Oh woe is me!

Instead I am working with British Airways on a huge project which will initially be released to some 23,000 users. No pressure.

I am sad that I cannot make it, but I will just have to get everything booked early for next year. I really enjoyed doing the presentation last year with Jeremy, and as per usual the food and beer.

I will have to get back online and back on the radar again once the deadline is over to talk to the Cocoon guys.

What with being flooded one week after moving in to our new house also, its been a pretty duff year really.

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Jeroen Reijn said...

Too bad Ross.. I hope to see you next year then ;-) Good luck with the deadline!