Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First website launched on Cocoon platform at my new company

So, the first cocoon website is launched in 'beta' mode at my new company. is powered by the Hippo CMS, and uses the for javascript tricks. While the site is tagged as 'beta' right now, it is more or less functional, and my colleagues are able to power their company website.

Once again, just as when I was at VNU, Cocoon has enabled me to create a website building platform, and while the entry point is still geared to developers, I aim to simplify over time to enable designers to build sites.

Using best of breed open source projects has enabled me to tackle the problem of building powerful, customisable websites, rather than fighting with jumping through needless hoops, and being forced to contend with rewrites for improving functionality available within the platform.

Not only that, but despite its 'bloat' and age, Cocoon is still after all my dabbling in frameworks, my favourite... roll on Cocoon 2.2 I can't wait for the lean mean version.

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Jeroen Reijn said...

Cool! :D