Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A new job, but there is still scope to use Cocoon

I just got myself a new job with a small company in Hungerford... so the bad news is I am leaving one of the biggest users of Cocoon (VNU). The good news is, the new company use Java and XML/XSLT, and seem to have many projects where Cocoon will excel as the platform.. so fingers crossed!

Meantime.. its seems people are still looking at Cocoon very seriously as a platform which demonstrates excellent separation of concerns, and a tidy way to build functional blocks. I still have not seen a better publishing framework.

Most recently.. I have also seen however that building truly dynamic applications with it is still a challenge.. so perhaps it is not the best choice for a tools based solution.

I may be proved wrong with all the effort going into the CForms recently, and I have not really looked into the portals block.

I will experiment!

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Jeroen said...

Switching jobs? That's a surprise. Must me exciting! Will you still be at VNU this monday-wednesday? I'll be at VNU and maybe we could go for some drinks?